The Ananda Church of Self Realization. And Violent Extremism within an American church movement.

Here on this Post I protest an American and now International Non-Profit Religious Organization. The leaders of Ananda are licensed clergymen/ministers, and the congregation of Ananda indulged in criminal collusion and conspiratorial “gangstalking”, which led to Human Rights Violations and repeated offenses of terror crime. Also, I protest in a general way against all “gangstalking” within the USA. I protest against Human Rights Violations (American citizens vs. American citizens), and I protest to educate about and support Human Rights within the USA. “Gangstalking” is Violent Extremism and acts of terror crime. Peaceful protest, education, cooperation, and Justice – is going to STOP it!

If you click on “Download” the pdf file will open in your browser for you to read. They will not actually download onto your hard drive. Thank you for your concern and support.

God Bless America.

Published by Shatriyan

Thomas "Stephen" Hasey Facebook: Hasey Thomas

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